Ad and Spam Methods

Helping The Customer Stay Safe

Many third party programs, such ad-aware, Adblock plus, Spybot, Pop-up blockers came in to help consumers who want to protect themselves against affiliate marketing ads and spam.

The majority of affiliate marketing is based on various techniques built into the code and design of the websites. These make use of external domains, which track the activity of users via click tracking and ad sense.

The majority of these techniques is seen as a visual clutter in the web browser and can be tracked and blocked with the third party programs stated above.

  • Spyware

Any Internet user or organisation can be overlooked without its approval via a spyware program. They can be system monitors, Trojans, adware and tracking cookies.

It can trace and store a lot of information, including personal data, Internet surfing habits, user login data, and bank account or credit card identification.

  • Adwareadblock-plus-38590_960_720

Many brands were informed about the impact of the use of this technique in their affiliate marketing propaganda.

They are harder to detect compared to other spyware methods and can easily be tracked down by Internet users.

Many times, the information provided by the adware cookies is incorrect and has no valuable purpose to the merchant.

The biggest affiliates on the market tried to discourage their merchants from using adware and malware strategies to gather clients. Such efforts in this direction only damage the brand.

The most serious and appreciated affiliate marketers published a Code of Conduct for their merchant network. These are regulations imposed to affiliate market clients, which in time builds a certain confidence to buyers and attracts the thrust of the buyers.

Regardless these regulations, there are many pending lawsuits against many companies which abuse the system. They include the process against Value Click, dictated by its sibling company Commission Junction, back in 2007.

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