Development of Affiliate Marketing

Internet Commerce Development

This business model has realised a flourishing boom since its inception.

The idea of Internet commerce has developed in such a manner that in some cases it exceeds the offline business profits. The profit of such businesses has exceeded any expectation.

Only in the United Kingdom has it been known to exceed £2.16 billion. The 2005 estimates stood at £1.35 billion.

A research team from Marketing Sherpa published a report, which stated that 2006 raked in more than $6 billion from a variety of fields. They include:

  • Gaming and gambling
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Travel and many more.e-commerce-402822_960_720-1

The most profitable sectors were the gambling and adult industries and service providers.

The mobile phone, travel and finance sectors are thought to be the future most-profitable affiliate marketing sections.

These areas recorded profits as the entertainment industry; both with gaming, broadcasting and broadband, joined the trade.

The business is growing so big that a lot of the business to marketers and advertisers is expected to shift over to affiliate solutions.

With the release of Web 2.0 concepts such as blogging and online communities, the sales of affiliate marketing recorded an exceptional increase.

These platforms are the perfect tool for creating the bridge between the merchant and the affiliates. It has opened a whole new chapter, which allows writers or bloggers to open affiliate marketing channels.

Even a website with a limited number of visitors can make good use of affiliate ads to increase its web traffic. With the release of new tools and brands, new types of affiliate marketing were born.

YouTube generated the concept of introducing video advertisements with the help of Google affiliate network. The new era of TV commercials now moves to the World Wide Web. The web security has also developed along the road, thus the black sheep of the industry are detected much faster.

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