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Search Engine Marketing, abbreviated as SEM, is a promotional form of the visibility of certain websites on the search engine results pages, mainly through paid advertising.

Danny Sullivan introduced the term in 2001, as a definition of the spectrum of paid marketing activities and strategies for search engines.

This affiliate marketing strategy incorporates SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

SEO strategies involve the writing of new content for the websites and building new website architecture to obtain a higher ranking in the search result pages.

In the United States alone, more than $24.6 billion was spent on readjusting the content of websites via Search Engine Optimisation.

Since 2007, Search Engine Marketing has grown much faster than the traditional or online advertising channels.

Search campaigns are organised in either small scale, or agency level scales.

The history goes back in the middle or late 1990:s, when the number of websites started to increase. Websites became a natural solution provided to people that want to find information faster and in an organized manner.

The Pay Per Click program is one of the inventions that were offered to businessmen to finance their services.

The Open Text Company started Pay Per Click in 1996, and Goto in 1998. Later in 2003 it was acquisitioned by Yahoo!, which today uses it for the advertisers opportunities.

Google started using a similar program in 2007, called AdWords.

Later in 2010, the two giant companies joined forces and were regulated and approved by the US and European laws.

Meanwhile, many companies started building and expanding their offers on advertising opportunities to merchants across the globe.

The Search Engine Optimisation uses a variety of methods and metrics to achieve its goals in placing websites up front in the search engine results. These methods will be detailed in the following page.

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