SEO metrics and methods

SEO Search Results Methods

Search Engine Optimisation uses different methods to place their clients’ websites higher in the search engine results.

These are:

  • Keyword research.seo-896174_960_720

Each website is analysed for key words which could make an impact in the search perception. After the identification of these words, which are highly influenced by the consumer perception, life style or a certain target group interests.

The optimisation of these words is very close to the building of the brand’s impressions for each individual.

  • Website popularity.

The saturation and the success of a website can be analysed thorough the metrics dedicated by the search engine to each website. It adjusts the display of certain websites after a search, according to their rank in the search engine.

This is usually calculated very easily with the ranking algorithms each search engine is using.

The biggest brands are Link Popularity, Top 10 Google Analysis, Marketleap Link Popularity and Search Engine Saturation.

  • Web Analytic, HTML validators and Back End Tools.

These tools provide the data behind a website success. They might vary from the simplest, to the most complex.

Simple traffic counters are the cheapest and easiest to use. Log files and Java Script page track actions deliver the most accurate and sophisticated data of the clicks and actions users make on a website.

Some of the validators of these tools provide information about possible area problems, make it possible to test, highlight and report the variables on a website.

  • Whois tools

This tool provides information about issues related to copyright, trademark and the owners of certain websites.

  • Mobile Friendly Website Checker from Google

The tool provided by the search engine reports if the analysed website has a smartphone or tablet optimised version.

All the methods stated above are some of the tools that the big search engine optimisation agencies use in order to enhance the affiliate marketing value of a certain merchant.

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